Jasmin Littlefield

Stella Nova welcomes Jasmin Littlefield to our team! We are now scheduling new clients for appointments with Jasmin beginning the week of June 7th. 

My Work

On the surface, it may look like you have everything together, but underneath, you may be feeling loneliness, sadness or self-doubt. You’re not alone! Whether a painful experience has left you shaken or stuck, or you feel like you haven’t quite stepped into your authentic self yet, I’m here to help.

As a therapist, I work primarily with women in their 20s and 30s who are learning to feel more secure in their relationships and confident in their own skin. Many are dealing with anxiety and imposter syndrome, and often have learned to overwork or develop some perfectionist habits as a way to cope. Often, they are recovering from traumatic or painful experiences in their relationships that have made it difficult to trust other people in some ways. 

Past clients have told me that I’m warm and easy relate to, and I try to bring a sense of levity and humor to my relationships with my clients. Therapy can be hard, but that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh about it! If you’re looking for a therapist who can help you build on your existing strengths and won’t pretend to be an expert on your life, I might be a great fit for you.

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My Story

Before becoming a therapist, I had a thriving dog walking business for several years. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to ask them about it, but I think that the same empathy and intuition I bring to my work as a therapist helped me connect with my animal clients back in the day.

Of course, I still love dogs! But a volunteer position working with youth kicked off a new career for me as I realized I really enjoyed and thrived being in a supportive and mentoring type of role. After reflecting on my positive experiences in therapy as a teen navigating life’s stressors and anxieties, I decided to enter the field myself. I’ve had the opportunity to work with young children, teens, and adults, but I’ve found I most like working with people in their 20s and 30s as it’s such a formative, transitional phase of our lives.

Fun facts about me: I love living in the Bay Area due to being close to the ocean – shell collecting at Ocean Beach is one of my favorite pastimes. My morning meditation consists of working on 1,000-piece puzzles while watching the Late Show from the night before.


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