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Transitions are stressful. This is true whether you’re going through a challenging experience like a family member getting sick or a breakup, or a welcome transition like a promotion or a new baby. We’re all more vulnerable to anxiety, stress, loneliness and depression as we adjust and learn to live with a new reality. (And we’ve all been doing a lot of adjusting this year, haven’t we?)

If you’re stuck right now, we can help. Stella Nova therapists specialize in helping professional women navigate all of life’s ups and downs with confidence. Whether you’re looking to improve your mood, get uncontrollable stress under control, address trauma or loss, or work on building healthier relationships, we can pair you with a therapist who is a great match for your goals.

By professional women, for professional women.

Stella Nova Psychology, Inc. is on a mission to support the mental health needs of women and nonbinary professionals so they can succeed and thrive. Our clients are professionals of all ages and stages of their careersfrom recent graduates just getting adjusted to their first full-time job, to women at the top of their game but looking to make a change. They are therapy newbies and veterans alike. 

Corporate ladder climbers, glass-ceiling smashers, creative badasses, academic smarty-pants, side hustlers, techies, working mamas, don’t-mind-me-I’m-just-saving-the-world typesand folks who are still just trying to figure it all outwe’re here for you.

Sahar Dorani, PsyD 
Licensed Clinical Psychologist #28629 

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Allison Maya Borgueta, PsyD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist #25341

Don’t let another week slip by without prioritizing your mental health.

At Stella Nova, we believe in therapy that’s both supportive and practical, and we are here to help you develop the tools and the insights you need to get through this challenging time. We’re available for brief and long-term therapy depending on your needs and goals. 

We offer confidential and effective online therapy throughout California via our secure, HIPAA compliant video platform—with the option for Bay Area locals to transition to in-person therapy in our downtown San Francisco office beginning in Summer 2021.

You’ve got nothing to loseyour 20-minute phone consultation is totally free. We’ll match you with someone who is a great fit for your preferences and needs.

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