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When painful past experiences are interfering with life today, a trauma therapist can help.

After a painful experience, most of us just want to move forward and get on with our lives. Unfortunately, we often find that our minds and our bodies aren’t cooperating with that plan. Unwanted memories, feelings of fear and dread, and a constant state of vigilance are just some of the challenges people typically experience after a traumatic event. And they can make it difficult to be present in our personal and professional lives. 

Sadly, when it comes to trauma, time doesn’t heal all wounds. Traumatic memories are actually stored differently in our brains and our bodies, meaning that a trauma that happened when you were a kid can feel just as real and painful as if it happened yesterday.

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How can trauma therapy help?

The good news is that the injuries caused by trauma are very treatable. A trained trauma therapist can help guide you towards recovery so that painful past experiences no longer derail your peace of mind, your relationships, or your ability to live your life.

  • Eliminate intrusive memories, nightmares, and flashbacks of an event
  • Regulate your emotional response to trauma triggers
  • Stop avoiding people, places, or situations
  • Learn skills to improve relationships impacted by trauma
  • Feel more comfortable and secure in your body
  • Regain trust in your own perceptions, feelings, and instincts
  • Make sense of traumatic experiences so that you can move forward

It’s not your fault you experienced a trauma. And you deserve support to heal.

Stella Nova Psychology, Inc. specializes in the mental health needs of women and nonbinary professionals, from our headquarters in San Francisco and online throughout California. We believe in therapy that’s both supportive and practical, and we are here to help you develop the skills and the insights you need to move forward. 

Every Stella Nova therapist has been trained in trauma-informed approaches to therapy. And some of us have additional, specialized training and certification in various trauma therapies, including the treatment of PTSD and C-PTSD. We work with clients who have experienced a wide range of traumatic experiences, including interpersonal violence, childhood abuse and neglect, accidents and disasters, medical trauma, cultural and historical trauma, and others.

You’ve got nothing to loseyour 20-minute phone consultation is totally free. Our Intake Specialist will take time to learn about your needs and preferences, answer all your questions, and match you with a therapist who is a great fit.

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