Shahneka Dupart

Stella Nova is thrilled to welcome Shahneka Dupart to our therapy team! We are now accepting referrals for new clients, with appointments starting the week of January 9.

My Work

Therapy isn’t just about your mind or even your heart — great therapy is care for your soul, too.

As a therapist, I’m here to walk with you through some of the most challenging and rewarding times of your life. I’m here for the deep, existential questions, but I can also keep it light when you need comic relief. I work with my clients to develop new insights, and use those to create a plan for moving forward.

Many of my clients are Black and brown women experiencing relationship conflicts, depression, and challenges around major life transitions. They may be dealing with sexism or racism at work, or experiencing colorism in their communities. I have specialized training in working with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and enjoy working with parenting and co-parenting issues. 

I integrate evidence-based treatment with a spiritual perspective, to address both the symptoms and what lies beneath. As a Black woman standing at the intersection of gender and race, I also bring a determination towards decolonization in the therapy room and outside. 

If it sounds like I might be the therapist you’re looking for, I invite you to schedule a free consultation. No obligation or pressure, just a chance to learn more and see if it’s a good fit!

Headshot photo of Shahneka Dupart, ACSW a therapist in San Francisco, California. Shahneka is a Black woman wearing glasses, large colorful earrings, and a black head wrap.

My Story

I journeyed through so many life transitions without adequate social and emotional support. I entered the mental health field so that my clients wouldn’t have to experience that.

I am an advocate of mental health and wellness, and a scholar at my core. It is my continued pleasure to study the mind and human behavior to identify gaps in mental health care and use evidence-based practices to meet my clients’ needs.

Three things you should know about me? One, I’m Team Marvel all the way. Two, I’ll dance in the grocery store if the song is right. And three, kindness and integrity are everything to me.