Sydney Woodward

My Work

Human beings are complex. Part of us wants to make a change in our life, while another part holds on tightly to the way things are. We have parts that are harsh and critical, parts that are kind and gentle. Mature parts that show up like a boss, and childlike parts that just want someone else to take care of things for once.

If you’re feeling pulled in multiple directions by different parts of yourself, and having trouble figuring out how to fit all the pieces together, I’d love to be the person to support you on that journey.

As a therapist, I work primarily with individuals navigating concerns around relationships, intimacy, self esteem, and self worth. Many of my clients are struggling with anxiety or depression, or dealing with concerns about their body image. I have extensive experience working with survivors of sexual trauma. I also work with couples who are interested in resolving conflict, improving their communication, and building intimacy.

I use a feminist lens in my work, meaning that I understand our mental health in the context of the oppressive systems & social constructs that impact us, like gender and race. The majority of my clients are women, women of color, and/or members of the LGBTQ+ community. I especially welcome queer, kinky, and polyamorous individuals and couples to reach out! 

If you’re interested in connecting or learning more about my work, I invite you to schedule a free consultation today.

My Story

I first entered the mental health field after working on a crisis line for survivors of sexual trauma. Through that work I noticed patterns and cycles in the experiences of survivors and wanted to help clients break out of those cycles. Those early experiences of seeing how behaviors can occur in a cycle still inform the way I work with my clients today.

Outside of work, my two biggest passions are baking and traveling. I love making baked treats and trying different recipes for cakes and cookies. I also love exploring national parks. One of my long term personal goals is to visit every national park in the U.S. 

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