Stellar Online Therapy for Black Women in California

Because our mental health matters

Caring for our mental health is not a luxury.

As Black professional women, we’re often torn in a million directions at once. It’s so easy to put our own well-being on hold—for weeks, months, even years—while we take care of things at work and at home.

But you’ve probably noticed that’s not a sustainable strategy over the long term. By the time we ask for help, we’re often anxious, burnt out, and generally functioning way below our best.

It’s important to have a therapist who gets you.

As therapists at Stella Nova, we specialize in working with Black, African American, and other women of color. If there are parts of your life that you want to heal, but you’re not sure how to get from here to there, we can help.

We have experience treating a diverse range of clinical issues including anxiety, depression, chronic stress, trauma & relationship problems. We also work with women navigating life changes and transitions like new babies, marriage, career changes, breakups and divorces.

Issues Our Clients Bring Into Therapy Include:

✵ Learning to manage high stress and anxiety levels

✵ Burnout and depression

✵ Incidents of bias, discrimination, and racism

✵  Trauma and painful past experiences

✵ Navigating toxic workplace dynamics

✵ Multiracial and multicultural identity issues

✵ Relationship issues with friends, family, or partners

Build Your Emotional Wellness Toolkit

Therapy isn’t a magic pill that will make all your problems go away.

But it can help you build a toolkit for managing tough feelings and difficult situations when they come up. 

Depending on your needs and goals, we can help you become more:

  • Skilled at recognizing your wants and needs
  • Effective at managing negative emotions
  • Confident communicating boundaries and limits with others
  • Empowered to take charge and make decisions
  • Accepting of painful feelings and difficult situations
  • Compassionate and understanding towards yourself
  • Balanced and grounded in your daily life
A Black woman with curly hair, dressed casually, sits on a therapy couch with a smiling look on her face. A therapist's arm and notebook is visible in the foreground.

Set up your free consultation with a therapist today

Whatever is bringing you therapy right now, you are not alone. No problem is too big or too small to reach out. We are currently accepting new clients for video therapy throughout California. We offer individual and couples therapy for adults 18+. 

Your free 20-minute phone consultation is a chance for us to chat about what you’re looking for, and how we can help. Our intake specialist will answer all your questions about therapy, and help match you with someone on our team who is great fit for you. There’s no obligation to continue and nothing to lose, so schedule online today!