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Are you struggling with confidence in your work or your personal life?

Managing stress levels that have been getting just a little out of control lately?

Trying to figure out how to juggle relationships, your health, family responsibilities, career development, social life, finances, hobbies, personal growth… and maybe even get some sleep occasionally?


Yeah, we’ve been there, too.

Stella Nova Psychology, Inc. was founded on the belief that when we support each other, we all shine brighter. Our mission is to support women and nonbinary professionals to thrive in their personal lives and their careers.

Founded by professional women, for professional

Our clients are women and nonbinary individuals of all ages and stages of their careers – from recent graduates just getting adjusted to their first full-time job, to women at the top of their game but looking for a change.

Corporate ladder climbers, glass-ceiling smashers, creative badasses, academic smarty-pants, side hustlers, techies, working mamas, don’t-mind-me-I’m-just-saving-the-world types – and folks who are still just trying to figure it all out – we’re here for you.

Your mental health is not a luxury.

Most of us have been sold a myth that willpower and hard work are all we need to succeed. If something’s not working, we just need to push harder, try more, stuff down those pesky emotional needs and even our body’s limitations.

The truth is this: Mental health matters for our personal and professional lives. Women experience depression and anxiety twice as often as our male counterparts – and these rates are even higher for women of color and LGBTQ+ folks. We also face unique stressors at home and at work, which can have both subtle and profound impacts on our emotional well-being.

Your mental health is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. When we care for our mental health, we’re investing in ourselves, our relationships, our careers, and our goals.

You can take the first step today.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a therapy newbie or if you’ve been in therapy since your pet rabbit died when you were seven. (Trust us, we’ve seen it all.) If you’re ready for something to be different in your life, you can take the first step today by setting up a free consultation and learning more about how a Stella Nova professional can help you reach your goals.

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