Therapy for Depression

At Stella Nova, we offer online therapy for depression throughout California, so there’s always a depression therapist near you. We also offer in-person therapy for depression in our San Francisco office. 

Am I Depressed?

Depression hurts, mentally and physically. But how can we distinguish depression from the typical ups and downs we all experience in life? What’s depression and what’s just a normal reaction to *gestures around* all this?

If you’re like many of our clients, this question might be holding you back from seeking out therapy. Life can be hard. We’ve got pandemics and climate change and inequality to deal with. Our workplaces are toxic, and no one seems to get enough sleep. If I’m sad and unmotivated, doesn’t that just make sense?

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These are good questions! Psychology has historically seen depression as an individual problem, giving too little attention to the external factors that contribute. But depression is a multifaceted problem, with roots in our biology, life experiences, and environment. The world around us has a profound impact on our mental health.

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Signs of Depression

Colloquially, people often say we’re feeling “depressed” when our mood is sad or down. But depression doesn’t always look like that — some people experience emptiness or numbness instead. Others notice themselves feeling irritable or short tempered.

Other common signs of depression include:

  • Difficulty feeling pleasure in the things you normally enjoy
  • A desire to withdraw or isolate from others
  • Changes in sleep patterns, like sleeping too much or too little
  • Increase or decrease in appetite, or digestive problems
  • Thoughts of death, suicide, or not wanting to wake up
  • Fatigue or exhaustion
  • Physical pain or heaviness
  • Feelings of hopelessness or apathy
  • Excessive guilt and feelings of worthlessness
  • Problems with concentration or attention
  • Difficulty getting through day-to-day tasks

Depression is a common mental health problem that many of us struggle with throughout our lifetimes. A variety of treatments, including therapy and medication, help millions of people feel better and improve their quality of life.

But it’s also true that you don’t need to be clinically depressed for your struggle to be valid. If life is feeling heavy or it’s hard to get through the day, you deserve support. Caring for your mental health proactively can help to prevent depression as well!

Depression Therapists with Current Openings

There’s no good reason to struggle through depression without support. Our stellar team is ready to help!

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Working with a Stella Nova depression therapist can help

At Stella Nova, we believe in therapy that’s both supportive and practical. We’ll work to help you define your goals on your own terms, and work towards them with new insights and tools.

No, therapy can’t change the world that we live in, and it can’t change painful past experiences.

But it can help us figure out our place in it, and support us in building lives that are more meaningful and engaged. It can also help us find relief from symptoms that are making our daily lives harder. We’re here to help you start feeling like yourself again. (Or maybe even for the first time!)

If you’re curious about learning more, the first step is to sign up for a free, 20-minute phone consultation with our Intake Specialist. She’ll help match you with the best therapist for your needs, goals, and preferences. We’re currently offering therapy online throughout California, and are now open for in-person sessions at our San Francisco location in Lower Pacific Heights.

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Other Services at Stella Nova

Depression doesn’t always exist in alone, it can be connected with other issues and problems as well. Stella Nova’s team of therapists and psychologists can support you with a variety of concerns, including trauma, burnout, chronic pain, perinatal mental health issues, and more. We offer couples counseling for people of all genders, and we also offer a variety of workshops and groups.

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