Online Therapy in California

It’s real therapy. Just bring your own couch.

Online therapy shouldn’t mean trading quality for convenience.

At Stella Nova, we specialize in high-quality care for women, LGBTQ+ folks, and couples of all genders.

We’re a small, independent practice run by therapists, not a big corporation. And our team is passionate about providing our clients with exceptional care. 

Maybe you’re a busy professional struggling to fit therapy into your workday. Or a parent looking for support from home. You might just like the convenience of telehealth! Whatever your reason is for choosing an online therapist, Stella Nova can help.

Millennial Latinx woman attends an online therapy session while sitting on her bed. She is holding a laptop on her lap and has an engaged, interested expression on her face.

Stellar Support for Your Mental Health

 Our team can support you with a variety of common mental health concerns, including:

Managing Anxiety & Stress

Improving Your Mood

Healing Trauma

Improving Your Relationships

Building a Better Relationship With Your Body

Great Therapy Starts With a Great Match

We’re a small practice, which means our Intake Coordinator, Cami, knows every therapist personally. She’ll match you with the best person on our team for you — whether you’re looking for a particular personality type, approach, or area of expertise. 

Every client starts off with a complimentary phone consultation. We’ll learn more about your needs, goals, and preferences, and answer any questions you have about therapy. Then we’ll help you get set up with a stellar, personalized match for you.

Most of our clients love the therapist they’re paired with, but if we get it wrong, no worries! We’re always happy to rematch you with another member of our team, or make suggestions for other resources in the community.

Meet the Team

Learn more about our stellar team by clicking on their profiles below. Not sure how to choose a therapist? No problem. Our intake coordinator can help match you the best online therapist for your needs and preferences.

Young tech professional woman, sitting on the floor in front of her sofa. She is attending an online therapy session from home on her laptop. She has a serious look on her face and is holding a cup of tea.

Not sure about getting online?

New clients sometimes worry they’ll feel less connected to an online therapist, or have concerns about how privacy works for telehealth.

We get it! Our therapists have experience with the challenges that can come up with therapy online. So we can help troubleshoot tech issues, come up with a plan for finding privacy in a busy home, and go over best practices for protecting your personal health information.

It might feel a little awkward at first, but most of our online clients find that they settle in and get comfortable quickly during their first 1-2 sessions.

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If you’re considering online therapy and want to learn more, let’s chat.

Schedule your free, 20-minute consultation to get matched the the best online therapist for you!

Online Therapy for All Your Mental Health Needs

Stella Nova offers therapy online throughout the state of California, with many of our clients living all over the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and beyond.

Not ready to book just yet? Drop us a line using the confidential form below, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about working with our team!

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