Maya Borgueta

My Work

If work stress feels like it’s hijacked your life, I can help you get rebalanced. 

My clients are ambitious, high achievers in business, STEM, and other demanding fields. But they may also be struggling with their relationship to work. Imposter syndrome, burnout, chronic stress and perfectionism are common concerns. Many are navigating toxic workplaces, or have experienced corporate trauma such as harassment, discrimination, or bullying. Women of color, queer women, and first- and second-generation immigrants—who have a unique set of pressures and experiences related to their professional lives—make up a majority of my caseload.

As a psychologist, my goal is to provide you not only with insight and support, but with tools and skills you can use to feel better and move forward. I strive to take a practical approach that blends the science of therapy with warmth, compassion and a sense of humor.

I welcome women of all identities and backgrounds to get in touch!

Headshot of Maya Borgueta, San Francisco Psychologist, standing on the street in downtown San Francisco. She is a Millennial Filipinx woman with long hair and is wearing a green goat and striped shirt.

My Story

I’ve been providing therapy since 2006, but my career has taken a lot of twists and turns before bringing me to Stella Nova. I’ve worked in colleges and universities, community mental health clinics, VA hospitals and rape-crisis centers. (I also had a brief stint teaching third grade, a summer selling Cutco knives, and a year during grad school where I worked as a fairy performing at children’s birthday parties. True story!)

Prior to launching a private practice in early 2017, I spent three years in the tech industry working to develop and deliver mobile interventions for common mental health issues. I bring my experience working at a local start-up – including all its joys and its challenges – to inform my work with women in business and tech.

I’ve proudly called myself a feminist since I bought my first sparkly “Girl Power” t-shirt in middle school (hey, it was the 90s), and delivered a scathing, hour-long rebuttal to Christina Hoff Sommers’ latest nonsense in my high school politics class. Thankfully, my understanding of what being a feminist means has grown significantly over the years.

We’re living in a challenging and exciting time to be a woman, and it’s a personal mission for me to support other women – including women of color, immigrant women, and LGBTQ+ women – to live powerful, fulfilled lives. Stella Nova is an extension of that mission, the marriage of my passion for women supporting women and my professional work as a therapist. I’m so proud and delighted to be here with you.