Sport & Performance Psychology

Therapy to Help You Achieve Your Personal Best

You have big dreams and you’re on your way to achieving them. But sometimes, it feels like you’re holding yourself back. Perfectionism, overthinking, and overwhelming pressure can leave you up in your head, focused on thinking instead of doing. 

Sometimes, your confidence feels like a roller coaster ride. One minute you’re soaring from the top of the world, the next you feel down in the gutter.

You know — or at least, you really, really hope — that you’ve got more in you to give. But despite your best effort, something’s getting in your way. You need something different to help you get to the next level.

A Powerful Tool for Peak Performance

People in a variety of professions are learning what elite athletes have known for years: Working with a performance psychologist can help you move past limitations to achieve your best.

Performance psychology is the science of helping you achieve peak performance. It’s about reaching your biggest, most audacious goals, whatever they may be.

Your therapist will help you develop your mindset, improve your focus, and become more resilient to setbacks along the way. They can also help you develop the skills to be a better leader and member of your team. Because we do our best work when we’re working well with others.

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Who Can Benefit from Performance and Sport Psychology?

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Elite & Professional Athletes

Sport Psychology is the most popular and well-known branch of performance psychology. Both individual athletes, as well as coaches and entire teams, work with sport psychologists to develop individually and as a group.

Elite athletes use therapy to achieve new personal records and manage performance anxiety. The also seek support to recover from injury or other setbacks, and improve their team’s functioning.


Actors & Musicians

Being a performer is a risky, stressful, and challenging profession that requires both passion and discipline. Performance psychology can help you develop yourself as an actor, musician, or artist.

Your therapist can help you manage performance anxiety, practice more effectively, break through creative blockers, and develop more confidence in yourself on stage or in front of the camera. 


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Business & Tech Leaders

Whether you’re a brand new CEO leading your first startup, or a seasoned leader responsible for hundreds or thousands of employees, performance psychology can help you become the best leader you can be.

Harness your strengths, deal with challenges more effectively in the moment, and learn to stay present and focused in the face of stress and uncertainty.

Medical Professionals

For surgeons, physicians, and other medical professionals, performance can literally be a matter of life or death. It’s essential that you are at your best for your patients.

Often, professionals in these roles seek out a performance psychologist after making a mistake or losing a patient. Others may seek support for returning to work after their own illness or injury. A performance psychologist can help you achieve mental focus and emotional grounding to ensure your patients receive excellent care.


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Meet Dr. Randi Jackson, Sport and Performance Psychology Specialist

I care about helping you achieve the goals that matter most to you. I specialize in sport and performance psychology for people in high stress environments. Whether in business, healthcare, sport, entertainment, or another profession, my priority is to help you explore skills and values that support your wellness and high performance. 

I’ll offer personalized strategies and actionable insights that help you maintain an effective mindset, stay clear and calm through challenges, and get more out of the effort that you put in. You’ll leave our work together feeling more grounded and confident in yourself and your abilities.

I am especially passionate about supporting Black women and women of color embrace their instincts, and create systems that promote health in work and in life. If you’re interested in working together to achieve your full potential and prioritize your mental well-being, let’s connect.

If you’re interested in learning more about working with Randi, schedule a 20-minute phone consultation with Stella Nova today!

Online Sport and Performance Psychology for California Residents

To connect with a performance psychology specialist near you, the first step is to schedule a free, 20-minute consultation with our Intake Coordinator, Cami.

Cami will ask a few questions to learn more about your goals and needs, answer any questions you have about working with Stella Nova, and connect you with Dr. Randi Jackson or another great-fit therapist. There’s never any obligation or pressure to move forward—if we are not what you’re looking for, we’re always happy to make other suggestion as well.

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