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If you’re working on building your support system, improving your relationships with yourself and other people, or developing practical new skills, group therapy is a fantastic forum for doing it.

Some groups are more focused on sharing mutual support and building new insights, while others are more structured and focused on developing new skills.

Group therapy can work by itself or alongside individual therapy, depending on your needs. It can also be a cost-effective way to get support, as groups are significantly less expensive than individual therapy. 

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Our Summer Therapy Group Offerings

Connections Women’s Group: Want to improve your relationships with yourself and with other people? This group is for women working to better understand challenging interpersonal patterns, like people pleasing, avoiding vulnerability, difficulty making friends or dating, or challenges with boundary setting. You’ll have a safe, facilitated space to understand those issues and practice new ways to connect with others.

Groups will be offered virtually by a member of the Stella Nova team, and will generally have approximately 5-8 participants. All of our women’s groups are open to trans, cis, and nonbinary folks who would benefit from a women-centered healing space. The fee for this group will be $50 per session.

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Are you interested in learning more about joining a group this summer? We’re currently answering questions and gathering interest so that we can plan for our schedule.

To receive more information please complete the form below. There’s no obligation to participate — this is just an initial indication of interest and/or an opportunity for you to get your questions answered. 

Looking for a group that’s not currently being offered? Let us know that too! We rely on your feedback to know what to offer next. 

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