Group Therapy

Upcoming Group: BIPOC Women’s Disordered Eating Support
Facilitated by Charlene Dunkley, LCSW
Now forming for Winter/Spring 2024. $40 per session, Online

Are you working on building a new and more effective relationship with food and your body? Are you learning to identify diet culture and fatphobia’s impact on your self-worth and well-being? Are you working on body acceptance/neutrality? Would you like to connect with other people around these topics that may have similar thoughts, feelings, experiences and cultural backgrounds? 

Stella Nova is offering a 10 week BIPOC support group for those on the journey towards building a different relationship with food and their body. During those ten weeks you will be a part of a cohort of 8-10 women who are all working towards similar goals; learning more about themselves, their connection to their bodies and the impact diet culture, fatphobia and cultural norms have on marginalized people.

Headshot of Charlene Dunkley, LCSW, a San Francisco therapist. Charlene is a Black woman with shoulder length dark brown hair and glasses.

Charlene Dunkley, LCSW (she/her)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker #107206

Topics will include:

  • Health at Every Size
  • Intuitive eating
  • Identifying disordered eating patterns
  • Skill building and support for creating a more effective and accepting relationship with food and your body
  • Cultural expectations and norms around food and body image
  • Intersectionality of fatphobia, racism & anti-Blackness

Who is this group for? All Black, Indigenous, People of Color are welcome! You’ll be a part of a validating, supportive and educational environment with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. This is a women-centered online space that welcomes trans, cis and nonbinary participants. 

There is no need to already have an individual therapist or dietitian to join. Anyone on their journey towards recovery from disordered eating is welcome to reach out to see if this group may be the right fit for you. There will be an intake screening process prior to the start of the group. If there are additional needs identified at intake you may be offered referrals for a therapist, dietitian and/or other resources.

We are currently accepting referrals for this group, which will take place on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening depending on participant availability. To request more information or sign up for an intake consultation with Charlene, email

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