Group Therapy

Upcoming Group: Iranian Women’s Circle
Online, Wednesdays 5-6 pm, November 2-December 14
Facilitated by Sahar Dorani, PsyD
Price $500 for the full 7-week session ($475 for returning group members)

Identifying as “Iranian American” reflects an adoption of both Iranian and American cultural values into our lives. Being bicultural can be both a gift and a challenge. Having multiple cultural perspectives enables us to understand more about others and the world. However, pressures and tensions can arise from trying to integrate the two cultures, when collectivist Iranian cultural expectations and individualist Western norms come into conflict.

My dissertation research explored the mental health of 2nd generation Iranian Americans to see if navigating two worlds as a bicultural person posed any mental health risks. It did —mainly for women. My research results revealed 2nd generation Iranian American women experienced more anxiety, mostly due to cultural expectations to adhere to gender roles and the lack of support around exploring different identities/roles. 

This online group is intended to be a safe and supportive space for Iranian American women to explore those challenges, among peers who really get it. Some topics we might discuss can include:

  • Navigating cultural expectations around career and starting a family
  • Expectations for marriage within the Iranian community, and the taboos around dating
  • Pressures around caregiving for aging parents in our own homes
  • The influence of cultural norms and immigrant work ethic on our professional lives and ability to advocate for ourselves
  • The concept of Tarof and how it can both enhance and challenge our communication and relationships with family and community

This group is intended for Iranian American identified women currently residing in California. Although this group will focus primarily on issues commonly encountered in our 20s & 30s, women of all ages 18+ are welcome to attend. Trans, cis, and nonbinary people are always welcome. (You can see Stella Nova’s gender policy here.) We offer a brief, free consultation to answer any questions you have, and ensure the group is a good fit for your needs.

Upcoming Group: Wellness Support for Chronic Pain & Illness
Online, Mondays 5:30-7 pm, October 10-November 14 
Facilitated by Rona Maglian, PsyD, RYT
Price $516 for the 6-week session, payment plan available

Chronic pain and illness often leave us feeling isolated from the people and communities we care about. Attending social events can be hard, and we may not have the mental or physical energy we’d like to put into our relationships consistently. Friends and loved ones care, but they don’t understand the experience of having a chronic condition. Across that gap, we can feel a range of emotions from anxiety, guilt, and fear to frustration and anger.

At the same time, having a social support system is crucial for people experiencing chronic pain and illness. Research shows that social support improves quality of life and reduces the severity of pain and physical distress. It also reduces the disabling impact of chronic conditions on our daily lives. We created this space for support and community with those challenges and benefits in mind.

This six-week group is designed to be a supportive space for people experiencing chronic pain or illness. Each session will include approximately an hour for guided discussion, sharing and connection. We will finish the session with 20-25 minutes of chair yoga for relaxation and pain management. This is gentle, therapeutic movement that can be adapted for all bodies and needs, and requires no previous experience with yoga to join in.

Wellness Support is an all-gender group for adults currently residing in California. Dr. Rona will offer a brief, free consultation to answer any questions you have, and ensure the group is a good fit for your needs.

Upcoming Group: Connections Women’s Group
Next session dates/times TBA; email us today to receive updates & announcements
Facilitated by Amelia Jayanty, PsyD
Price $525 for the 12-week session, payment plan available

As a therapist, I work with many women who struggle to feel connected in their relationships with other people. They might have a lot of friends, but find their relationships feel shallow or unsatisfying. Others might find themselves isolated due to social anxiety, or having difficulty building a new social network after moving to a new city. Often, they feel stuck in patterns—like people pleasing, boundary issues, or avoiding vulnerability—that keep people they care about at a distance.

If you’re looking to build more connected and fulfilling relationships, joining a process group is one of the best ways to reach that goal. A process group is a safe, supportive place to get feedback from a therapist and from your peers on how you show up in relation to others. And it also functions as a “social lab”, a place to experiment with different ways of relating to other people, practicing new skills you can take out into your relationships with friends and family. 

Join Stella Nova’s Dr. Amelia Jayanty for Connections Women’s Group, a 12-week online process group for people seeking support to build healthier, more satisfying relationships. You’ll come out of this session with a deeper understanding of yourself and others, and tools to start building more fulfilling connections in the real world.

This group is intended for women, and is open to adults 18+ that are currently residing in California. Trans, cis, and nonbinary people are welcome to attend. (You can see our gender policy here.) People of all races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations are welcome.

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