Alexis Lopez, PsyD

In addition to her work a Staff Psychologist and Operations Lead at Stella Nova, Dr. Alexis Lopez provides clinical supervision to masters and doctoral level associates on our team. She is a goal-oriented therapist who favors structured approaches to helping clients and supervisees achieve their objectives. She supports pre-licensed clinicians integrate evidence-based approaches like CBT, DBT and mindfulness based therapies with an approach that is client-centered and culturally responsive.

Alexis’ areas of interest include Latinx & BIPOC mental health, social anxiety, interpersonal relationships, and trauma. She also has expertise in “geek therapy”, supporting clients with interests such as gaming, comic books, sci-fi/fantasy or anime to use the stories they love in the service of their own healing.

Headshot of Dr. Alexis López, a Latinx psychologist with medium length dark hair and fair complexion. She is wearing glasses and a white blouse.

Shianling Weeks, PhD

Dr. Shianling Weeks is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice, and currently provides clinical supervision to pre-licensed therapists at Stella Nova. Her areas of expertise include evidence based treatments for anxiety and depression, and she is a Gottman Level 1 trained couples therapist. She also has special training in perinatal mental health, fertility, and adjusting to new parenthood.

Shianling strives to take an intersectional, culturally responsive approach to supervision. She especially enjoys supporting clinicians to work with women of color, Asian American/Pacific Islanders (AAPI), and multicultural individuals and couples.

Photo of Dr. Shianling Weeks, clinical supervisor for Stella Nova therapists in San Francisco, CA. Shianling is an Asian American woman with wavy black hair. She is wearing a green sweater and a silver necklace.