Therapy for Women

Personalized support for your mental & emotional health

You are not alone.

Every year, thousands of women across California seek out therapy for the first time. Many are looking to manage their stress better or get out from underneath anxiety or depression. Others are seeking ways to improve their personal lives, relationships, or careers.

If life is hard right now and you are looking to improve your mental health, you are far from alone. One in four adults will experience a mental illness this year. Even more will experience stress, grief, or problems in their home or personal lives.

Individual therapy is an effective way to develop new understanding, skills, and tools so that you can feel better and work toward building the life that you want.

Therapy is tailored to your needs and preferences.

Therapy is individualized based on your needs and preferences, so it’s hard to describe in a sweeping way. But, in general, you and your therapist will start off by getting to know each other and developing a plan to help you reach your goals.

Over the course of therapy, you might spend time processing your thoughts and feelings, learning skills and techniques, and experiment with new ways of doing things. Therapists can work in a variety of different ways – sometimes we might be more active and directive. At other times, we might step back and let you lead the way.

Therapy is one of the most powerful tools in the professional woman’s toolbox.

What do Laverne Cox, Jane Fonda, Amy Poehler, and Serena Williams have in common? They’re phenomenally successful women who have spoken out about the benefits of therapy.

When we’re hurting inside, we just can’t function at our best at home or at work — even if we’ve gotten very good at hiding it. Maybe we’ve even given up hope that things can be different. But therapy can help you figure out the blockers that are getting in the way of your goals and help you plan your next steps for moving forward.

Our team specializes in supporting women and nonbinary professionals’ mental health, so that you can feel less stressed, more connected, and better able to do the things that you care about the most. 

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Our team has current availability and is looking forward to connecting with you! Check out our bios to learn more about the therapists, or schedule a free consultation to get matched with someone who meets your needs and preferences.

The first step can be the hardest.

We know, therapy feels kind of weird at first. Talking to a stranger for the first time about parts of your life that feel difficult, sensitive, or painful might sound somewhere between uncomfortable and impossible.

It’s totally normal to have mixed feelings about meeting with a therapist for the first time. But we think you’ll find it’s worth pushing through a little discomfort to get to the other side. At Stella Nova, we promise to do our best to help you get comfortable as you’re getting started.

Stella Nova is currently offering video therapy to clients throughout California. Local clients may opt to transition to in-person therapy when our San Francisco office reopens (anticipated mid-2022).

If you’re considering therapy and want to learn more, we’re here to help. Schedule you free, 20-minute phone consultation to get started today.