Anxiety and Stress Management

We all have stress and anxiety sometimes.
So how do you know when to seek support?

You know the feeling.

Tight chest, racing heart, thoughts going a million miles a minute. You’ve tossed and turned through nights of restless sleep all week, and you can’t shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen. Your partner has called you out for being snappy, and everything just seems to make you irritated lately.

You might not be sure whether this is stress or anxiety, but you know it feels awful.

Stress and anxiety may be a new and unfamiliar experience, or they might be old friends that you’ve grown accustomed to coping with over the years. So how do you know when your anxiety and stress go beyond just being the normal ups and downs of life, and start becoming a problem?

Top Five Signs of Unhealthy Anxiety and Stress

  • It’s there almost all the time. Healthy stress is transient – it comes and goes during periods of busy-ness, transition, or struggle. But when stress and anxiety become chronic, they can take a toll not only on your emotional well-being, but your physical health.
  • It’s getting in the way of your work. Paradoxically, stressing out at work can lead to some hardcore procrastination and feeling utterly blocked. You might also find yourself having trouble paying attention or making mistakes on simple things.
  • You’ve stopped taking care of yourself. Are you so stressed you’ve been forgetting to eat? Staying up until 2 am to triple check your PowerPoint is perfect? Maybe you’ve been feeling too anxious to make it to your favorite yoga class. If self-care is suffering, your anxiety may have reached an unhealthy level.
  • You’re feeling physically ill. High levels of anxiety and stress can cause nausea and stomach issues, muscles so tight your massage therapist is both horrified and impressed, susceptibility to colds, and general feelings of exhaustion and fatigue that don’t go away, even when you’re rested.
  • You can’t enjoy life. You can’t remember the last time you had a day where you felt carefree and playful. Even when you do make plans with people and things you love, your mind is elsewhere and you can’t wait to get home.

Do any of these examples ring a bell? Stella Nova can help.

Anxiety and stress are incredibly common, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take them seriously. In fact, these are by far the most common reasons that women seek therapy at Stella Nova.

Learning how to manage your anxiety and stress levels better can have a huge impact on your quality of life. That means you’ll be able to spend less of your time fighting off panic and more time on the things you really care about, at home and at work.

When you work with a Stella Nova therapist, you’ll learn how to understand your stress and anxiety better, and develop a new toolkit for managing them when they come up. Our clients tell us that not only are they able to better handle anxiety-provoking situations, but their anxiety comes up less frequently and less intensely over time.

There’s no good reason to struggle with chronic stress or high anxiety without support.

Contact Stella Nova today for a free, 20-minute consultation to learn about how we can help you better manage your stress and anxiety.

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