Workshops and Groups

Upcoming Group: Compassionate Communication
Online Wednesdays, January 26-March 16, 2022 (8 weeks), 4-5 pm
Facilitated by Sydney Woodward, AMFT
Price $265 for the full 8-week session, payment plan available

Healthy communication is at the core of our relationships with family, partners, friends, and colleagues. But it’s easier said than done. Too often, we find ourselves feeling frustrated, unheard, defensive, or shut down when conflict arises.

The good news is that clear, compassionate communication in times of conflict is a learned skill that we can all get better at. If communication issues in your relationships are leaving you feeling angry or overwhelmed, this group can help.

Join Stella Nova and Sydney Woodward, AMFT, for an interactive, 8-week group where she’ll be sharing tools from Non-Violent Communication, a model for navigating conflict in a clear, compassionate, and effective way. You’ll come away with a greater understanding of your needs, and a new toolkit of practical skills for communicating with the people in your life.

This group is an all gender group, and is open to adults 18+ that are currently residing in California. People of all races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations are welcome.

Upcoming Group: Connections Women’s Group
Online Mondays, January 31-April 18 (12 weeks), 5:30-7 pm
Facilitated by Amelia Jayanty, PsyD
Price $525 for the 12-week session, payment plan available

As a therapist, I work with many women who struggle to feel connected in their relationships with other people. They might have a lot of friends, but find their relationships feel shallow or unsatisfying. Others might find themselves isolated due to social anxiety, or having difficulty building a new social network after moving to a new city. Often, they feel stuck in patterns—like people pleasing, boundary issues, or avoiding vulnerability—that keep people they care about at a distance.

If you’re looking to build more connected and fulfilling relationships, joining a process group is one of the best ways to reach that goal. A process group is a safe, supportive place to get feedback from a therapist and from your peers on how you show up in relation to others. And it also functions as a “social lab”, a place to experiment with different ways of relating to other people, practicing new skills you can take out into your relationships with friends and family. 

Join Stella Nova’s Dr. Amelia Jayanty for Connections Women’s Group, a 12-week online process group for people seeking support to build healthier, more satisfying relationships. You’ll come out of this session with a deeper understanding of yourself and others, and tools to start building more fulfilling connections in the real world.

This group is intended for women, and is open to adults 18+ that are currently residing in California. Trans, cis, and nonbinary people are welcome to attend. (You can see our gender policy here.) People of all races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations are welcome.

Workshop Offerings

Bring Stella Nova to your company or organization! Our workshops offer a quick hit of practical tools and insights for your life and your work. 

Self-Compassion for Ambitious Women: This crowd-favorite is Stella Nova’s signature offering. Designed just for career-minded women who struggle with harsh self-criticism. If your self-confidence feels like a roller coaster ride sometimes, this is for you! An interactive, 90-minute introduction to the science and practice of self-compassion, with practical tools to take home. 

Holistic Self-Care for Work and Home: This isn’t face mask & bubble bath self-care. Holistic self-care is about learning to show up for ourselves in each domain of our life—our careers, our relationships, our physical health, our psychological well-being. This workshop will help you assess your current self-care practices, identify areas that need attention, and develop a plan for next steps.

Burnout Prevention for a Sustainable Career: The solution to professional burnout isn’t getting more sleep or taking more vacations. (Although we wholeheartedly support both!) Burnout prevention is about getting re-engaged in your career and figuring out how to align your energy with your big picture values and goals. We’ll talk about what burnout is and isn’t, identify factors contributing to burnout in your current work life, and create a plan for moving forward more sustainably.

Looking for something specific? We can tailor a workshop specific to your needs. Email for inquiries and pricing.

Upcoming Workshops

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