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Healing the Helper: Expressive Arts for Women of Color Fridays 4-5:30 pm February 7 to March 20, 2020

Working in a helping profession can be meaningful, impactful, and rewarding. Unfortunately, it can also be a career where burnout is the norm and boundaries feel impossible. For women of color, systemic problems like lack of mentorship, wage inequity, and workplace microaggressions can make working as a helper especially difficult on the professionals doing this important work.

If you can relate, we invite you to join us for Healing the Helper, a new group offering using the expressive arts in a supportive space where women of color learn from and uplift each other.

Description: Healing the Helper is a therapy group for women of color in helping professions to support one another while navigating the high stress environments of nonprofit or public sector work. Together we’ll explore the challenges of working in such settings and discover ways to make shifts or changes for a more sustainable career. We’ll use a combination of a traditional talk therapy format along with expressive arts therapy.

Who is this for: This group is intended women of color working in public sector or nonprofit organizations, particularly in roles in direct support of others. This may include teachers, therapists, case managers, teaching artists, program developers, etc. Student interns and trainees are welcome. This is an LGBTQ+ affirming space, and queer and non-binary folks are enthusiastically welcomed.

Topics to explore: 

  • Burnout and compassion fatigue 
  • Creating workplace boundaries 
  • Building a support network
  • Feelings of imposter syndrome

Therapist Description: Tayyibah Chase, AMFT, is therapist at Stella Nova Psychology, which specializes in working with women in San Francisco. She has worked (therapeutically and otherwise) in nonprofit or public sector positions from 2010 – 2018.  Tayyibah has witnessed and experienced first hand the unique experiences of being a woman of color in a helping profession. She has always had the aspirations of being the ‘helper” and has learned, sometimes in the hardest way, the necessity in prioritizing your own mental health. 

Cost: $288 includes all 6 sessions and materials. Payment plans are available, please inquire. 

For inquiries and additional information, or to sign up for the group, please email tayyibah@stellanovawomen.comSpace is limited to a maximum of 6 participants. 

Workshop Offerings

Bring Stella Nova to your company or organization! Our workshops offer a quick hit of practical tools and insights for your life and your work. 

Self-Compassion for Ambitious Women: This crowd-favorite is Stella Nova’s signature offering. Designed just for career-minded women who struggle with harsh self-criticism. If your self-confidence feels like a roller coaster ride sometimes, this is for you! An interactive, 90-minute introduction to the science and practice of self-compassion, with practical tools to take home. 

Holistic Self-Care for Work and Home: This isn’t face mask & bubble bath self-care. Holistic self-care is about learning to show up for ourselves in each domain of our life—our careers, our relationships, our physical health, our psychological well-being. This workshop will help you assess your current self-care practices, identify areas that need attention, and develop a plan for next steps.

Burnout Prevention for a Sustainable Career: The solution to professional burnout isn’t getting more sleep or taking more vacations. (Although we wholeheartedly support both!) Burnout prevention is about getting re-engaged in your career and figuring out how to align your energy with your big picture values and goals. We’ll talk about what burnout is and isn’t, identify factors contributing to burnout in your current work life, and create a plan for moving forward more sustainably.

Looking for something specific? We can tailor a workshop specific to your needs. Email for inquiries and pricing.

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