Stella Nova’s mission is to support the mental health of women and nonbinary professionals, so they can succeed and thrive at work and at home.

We see you, juggling relationships, career, and responsibilities while your own well-being takes a backseat.

We see you, trying to figure out whether “having it all” is possible – or even a worthwhile goal.

We see you, working twice as hard to prove yourself and sometimes getting half as much for your efforts.

We see you, wanting more out of life and being unsure where to start.

We’ve been there, too. We know how hard it can be to ask for support. And we’re so very glad you’re here.

Who We Are

We’re a growing team of clinicians and counselors dedicated to providing effective support for common challenges that professional women face:

  • Pressure to ‘do it all’
  • Challenges with dating, relationships, and marriage
  • Experiences of bias or discrimination
  • Stress about finances
  • Perfectionism
  • Impostor syndrome
  • Struggles with eating and body image
  • Loneliness and difficulty making friends
  • Parenting and caregiver stress
  • Balancing competing work, home, and personal priorities
A group of three Stella Nova San Francisco therapists pose with smiles in front of a green hedge.

What We Do

If you’re investing time, energy, and money into therapy, you probably aren’t looking for someone who nods her head supportively for 50 minutes each week. Stella Nova professionals work to provide you not only with support and insight, but tools and strategies you can take home and apply in your everyday life. We’ll start by helping you get clear on your goals and work to develop a personalized plan for helping you get there.

A group of Stella Nova therapists walking together in Echo Park, Los Angeles, with happy expressions on their faces.

Our Values

Feminism. We believe that gender equity is essential to thriving in our lives and our workplaces. Our feminism strives always to be intersectional.

Mental Health. We affirm that actively caring for our mental health is central to life satisfaction and professional success.

Science. We believe in science and look to research to guide our practice.

Community. We use our privilege and resources to make a positive impact in our broader communities.

Employee Wellness. We cannot be a healing space for our clients unless we start by creating a healthy place for our employees to work and grow.

Stella Nova Community Cares

The Stella Nova Community Cares project is one way we strive to give back to our community financially. We prioritize contributions to local and grassroots organizations serving underserved populations. Past organizations we’ve supported include La Casa De Las Madres, Asian Women’s Shelter, National Network of Abortion Funds, and the East Oakland Collective.

For the September 2023-August 2024 year, we’re supporting Lyon-Martin Community Health, a San Francisco clinic serving low income Trans, Gender Nonconforming, and Intersex patients, as well as cisgender women. One dollar from every session at Stella Nova goes to supporting their services all year long.

Want to join us? You can learn more or make a donation to Lyon-Martin at the link below.

Work at Stella Nova Psychology, Inc.

Are you ready for the next page in your career? Stella Nova is hiring clinicians and counselors who share our values and are passionate about supporting women and nonbinary folks to succeed and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

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