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When our lives are out of balance, we feel it, physically and mentally. Anxiety, stress, burnout, trauma, and depression don’t just affect our minds. They impact our entire bodies.

As a therapist, I use a holistic, mind-body approach to support my clients to reach their goals. Integrating yoga and mindfulness into evidence-based therapy is an effective way to heal our whole selves. If you’re feeling stuck in painful past experiences, or in worries about the future, I can help you learn the skills to build a rich and meaningful life here in the present.

Many of my clients come to me to improve their self-care or learn tools to handle stress or anxiety. Others are looking to heal from traumatic experiences, or address problems with their sleep. I have specialized training in helping professional women manage chronic pain (like headaches, migraine, chronic fatigue) or adjust to life with a chronic medical illness. 

I’m deeply committed to offering excellent therapy to individuals from diverse and marginalized communities. Women of color, students and professionals from immigrant families, Filipinx-Americans, and trans and nonbinary folx often make up much of my caseload. I welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about how I can help to reach out and schedule a free consultation.

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Ronilleen Maglian, PsyD (she/her)
(415) 859-1616 x 105

Registered Psychological Assistant #94025836 

Supervised by Sahar Dorani, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist #28629

My Story

My interest in the connection between our minds and our bodies started with my own experiences with dance. I first became interested in psychology while working with kids as a dance camp instructor. While I taught them dance, they taught me about resilience. I loved learning about all the incredible ways that humans endure and thrive.

In college I was a hip hop dancer, and always felt most at home in my body while dancing. Later, in graduate school, I became passionate about mind-body health and wellness, as I found my own healing through therapy and yoga.

Currently I am deepening my understanding of yoga therapy through training that is focused on bridging yoga and healthcare (and very excited about it!). My vision is to help people help themselves, in restoring what they’ve lost, or in finding their way of moving in the world.

I am most passionate about social justice (particularly feminist issues) and my Filipinx-American culture. In my spare time I enjoy: plants (thank you quarantine), going to the beach and chasing waterfalls (sorry TLC), matcha green tea (mind-body benefits!), and geeking out about sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, psychological thrillers, and rom-coms. 

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